Amber Reynolds

Well, obviously, I'm Amber.  I'm 17 and am going to college in South Carolina working towards my b.s. in business.  Once again, obviously, I love drawing, or else I wouldn't be here.  More than anything I'm here to learn as well as contribute to the Elfwood Community.  Constructive criticism is more than welcomed.      I visited Elfwood for the first time when I was probably 12.  Since then I've gone through an innumerable amount of artists and their creations and have learned so much ,so I am here to hopefully the give what I was given.  Thank you to all of the other artists from whom I learned from.  My goal is to create something that is so heartbreakenly beautiful that you can only sit there and stare, aching from its beauty.  lol, okay, serious stuff now.  It's true, I want to create that, I feel I have it in me but has a long way from being unleashed.  I'm great at looking at other people's art and recreating it, but creating my own from trying.  I'm from all over the place, military brat you know.  Marine Corps Brat to be specific.  I can't wait to get my hands dirty in my part of Elfwood and to meet my fellow Elfwoodians. (lol, what would that be called exactly...?) Anyway, I look forward to getting started and meeting everyone!