I am originally from Connecticut but I currently live in Gainesville, Florida.  I have a B.S. in Marine Biology and a B.S. in Ecology.  Yay I graduated!!  I am going to University of Florida as a PhD student to study Microbiology and currently I am working for a microbiologist at Kennedy Space Center.   My Dad got me hooked on sci-fi/fantasy when I was young. I read all of his Isaac Asimov and Tolkien as soon as I could. Most of my inspiration comes from what I read and write. I tend to illustrate scenes from my stories. I am self taught and tend to stick with pencil sketch though I have started experimenting with watercolor. Alot of my pics have horses (I'm a horse freak and have one of my own) and I probably draw horses better than people. Anway, I'd love any comments, constructive criticism or subliminal suggestions. Feel free to leave a message either here or on my library page *points to the link in the upper right corner*!There are first comment dances to be claimed! I like Getting a job.