Katie the Unicorn

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Amy Ames´ Perkins

MY FIRST PHOTO MANIPULATION!!!! And I will have you know that this was done completely in the useless little paint program that comes with windows. Anyway, the original photo is of one of my horses, named Clark Hill Kaitlin, Katie for short. She is normally a black morgan mare, but i stuck a horn on her and inverted the colors. I was VERY bored during Hurricane Frances and this was done while i was praying that my laptop battery wouldn't die because our power was out for 5 days. i WILL NOT attempt a background on this until i can get better editing software. so deal

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Category Fantasy

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Just an update....I'm completely starting over on this one. Ideas have been tossed around and the mechanics of the plot have been altered. So this version is making fast friends with the recycle bin. I'm leaving it up currently so if you want to read it, I'd be looking for comments in regard to the plot, not necessarily grammatical errors. Comments as to the necessity of certain sections are welcome. Please, be harsh, I promise my ego can take it, but Tara might take offense In short, the maturity of this piece is below my writing level currently and I cringe every time I read it. Crits of myself: Denali is too immature, he needs more character development The narration is weak and filled with unnecessary details when I could be dealing with plot Adrian needs to pwn some a.... I mean, make an appearance, maybe The dialogue is weak Feel free to add to the list

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Yet another Tara McCarther story. This is probably the closest one to being completed. I worked on this exclusively while I was in Australia and I have about 17 front and back steno handwritten pages. You can tell where there was turbulence on the plane or we hit a bump in the van. Anyway....back to the description. I have more left to download but it all seemed too awkward a cut off point. Tara and William are returning to Tara's home when things go awry. Fantasy and Sci-Fi elements contained within. One interesting note is that the painting on my artwork site labeled 'crash' comes from this story. Critique and enjoy!


This started out as a free write for my college creative writing class and ended up being my final piece I turned in for the class. I hope you enjoy it. It features the character I've created, Tara McCarther, who is definitely my alter ego. This is sort of a side story and the only complete story with her in it.

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