Aimee Villalobos

Bio? Well..lets give it a whirl. I'm a mom, wife and artist. In that order. :) I have always loved fantasy and with the limited time I have I try to express myself through my work. I really enjoy my PSP. Its become a good friend. I work with chalk, charcol, pastels and just about everything. Even make up. :) Iv'e recently started giving watercolors a try. It's goin slow but worth my time. I Like I like! Ive noticed that I am falling into a routine of boring faces and I think its time to bring forth the old me. Start working with my heart and forget about how pretty a picture can be. Its time I worried about what my work says. So I will have those new pics up soon. I dont get as much alone time being a Mom and wife, but I do my best. Well...I try to. Please feel free to express yourself. Dont be cruel...please...but if you must, warn me so I can have my trusty bat ready. :)Enjoy! Update: 1-15-05 2:30 am