Amrita Kareer

Art of mind: 'There is so much more between heaven and water as though they thaught her a poet, a writer, a teacher and an artist art cannot be thaught though you can read its history of how art is such a prodigybut what is art? it seems to divide all realities apart 'cause through this art you can express your fantasy, your feelings more or less'you can write it on a piece of paper and you become the shaper of the art called poetryyou can paint it in a painting and start bading through your fantasy, thoughts and sanityyou can make up your little world where you're the hero, in a place unheard and this might sound absurd but this too is artthe only thing that you can teach is the meaning of this word, cause that is what art is a result of your mind, and everything in this.'Oh, Hey! Finally, an UPDATE :D I'm now 20 years old (been a member here for almost 6 years..) and attending the University of Oslo, where I'm studying English Literature (want to take a PHD in American Literature!) and of course do my artstuff on the side ;) Well, I have common interests such as literature, art, music, friends etc. I am an optimist to the bones!! Aand would love for you to give me constructive criticism ^_^ (What? I'm just trying to keep my bio short :D)26.08.08: I'm still alive and am going to post more art pretty soon! :) I like Art of course :) or "The Creative" Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings Favourite books Lord of the Rings The Vampire Chronicles The DaVinci Code Deception Point The Color Purple You can't keep a good woman Down The Cacther in the Rye Sula The Digital Fortress Angels and Demons Favourite music HipHop and RnB, Streetsoul