Alison Guynes

I haven't been back here in a while, so I figured it was time to update this.  I've now been a member of Elfwood for 12 years, so I figured it was time to go ahead and make a few changes. A bit about me...if you're really that curious, that is. Age: 35 Married? Yes Current projects: Time line of events for my fantasy world - COMPLETE.  World building for the same fantasy world - WIP.  The novels from this world and all of the other stories I want to tell - WIP.Working on my new blog. Book reviews, general life reviews, and other stuff.  You can find me here: javascript:void(0);/*1284239727831*/ Other random facts: I love chocolate, Mountain Dew, knitting, reading, music, and anime. I love going for walks and taking pictures of the scenery. A lot of my life experiences work their way into my novels in one form or another, and you can see the influence of many of my favorite authors in my writing at some point or another. I like reading, writing, knitting, photography Favourite movies Too many to list here...if you're really that curious if I like something or not, leave me a comment and I'll try to answer you. Favourite books want the list? I'll give you authors instead of the whole list. Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Eric Flint, David Weber, David Eddings, Lynn Flewelling, Jacqueline Carrey, Jeremy C. Shipp, Joshua Palmatier, Patricia Bray, KD Sarge, and many...many...MANY more! Favourite music Within Temptation, Nightwish, Tristannia, Leaves' Eyes, Apocalyptica, Metallica, MeatLoaf, 80's era rock music, some of the more classical Country (think Johnny Cash), Oomph, Adam Lambert, Immediate Music, soundtracks from numerous movies and Broadway musicals, some classical music, and generally a lot of random stuff.

Mama's Angels

 A woman faces a punishment for a crime committed years ago.  She's haunted by the very spirits she once held in her care and lost to her carelessness.


09/13/2009 - Six years ago to the day, I posted this story here because of my pain at losing my mother.  I wrote this story, and read it to her, shortly before she died.  It was the last one of my projects that my mother ever saw or heard.  I was thinking about her today and realized that it's been exactly six years since I lost my mother.  It hurts still to this very day.  I love and miss her every day, and wish that my kids could have known their "Grandma Nancy" as more than just a name carved in stone that we put yellow roses on every year on August 8th.In memory of Nancy L. Steele (August 8, 1939 - September 13, 2003).I miss you mom! Moderator's Choice: September 1, 2003

I Am The Key and I Am The Door

A rash young faerie discovers too late why some spells should never be invoked.My half of a story-art trade with the extraordinarily talented Annah Hutchings. Go see her artwork.


This is a dictionary of all of the foreign terms I use in my stories. I hope to eventually get all of the translations off of my regular stories and keep them centrally located in this file.This is edited to make things a bit easier to read. Eventually I will list all stories beside the word/words that are used in them. Right now there are some words in the dictionary from stories I've taken down. I plan on eventually putting these stories back up.

Sunshine Sister

For my sister, Maegan. A/N: My husband is very much alive. I wrote this not long after my mother died from cancer in 2003, in honor of my younger sister who has helped all of us get through hard times with her cheerful smiles and her laughter. Though we are not sure how much longer this living ray of sunshine will be with us, we cherish every moment we have with her.

Grief 2

In loving memory of Nancy Louise Steele August 8, 1939 - September 13, 2003