Hail Artisans! All my life I have been staring out the window dreaming I am in another world. I'll admit to being an escapist, the land of the imagination is so full of ritch and limitless possibilities that I can do little to resist its charms. And I realised that I can make my own worlds, through pen, through paint, through charcoal, through anything that can make a mark. Every character, every place that existed only in my mind can be born into the world for other people to cherish. They have been such friends to me and have done so much to help me overcome my problems I feel I owe them this. I hope you all enjoy meeting them and that they remember to BEHAVE themselves. Honestly, sometimes I feel I have no control whatsoever. This was their idea -not mine. To be honest I think they're bored of my company and are out for a bit of entertainment. Most are alright, but there are some you have to WATCH. I hope you like this little collection of Things. Please drop in and say 'Hi' because the house has suddenly got terribly quiet. Makes a change.. This page was last submitted for updates: October 25th 2008.