Amy Gorman

Hello there! I'm Amy, a 14 year old girl from Texas. I really love drawing, of course, as well as my friends, pets, and listening to music (especially Everclear!). I've been into drawing since I was around 7 or 8. Right now, I'm not the greatest, but I hope to improve. Please comment on my drawings, as well as critique them. I can't fix what I'm doing wrong without your help. ^_^ I hope to go into a cartoon-related career, but I'm not definate on what exactly, yet. I do art exchanges (but not at the moment, as I'm currently pretty busy with them), and commissions. I don't do requests, but my commissions are still pretty cheap, and you can look at my site for more info, or e-mail me. The average cost of a color one is $15. Well, I suppose that sums everything up! Feel free to e-mail me, or talk with me through ICQ!