Amy Smylie

I first began writing and drawing for my fantasy fiction series, The Grenamoya Island Saga, when I was ten years old.  More than a decade on, I'm still writing, and the first two books of the series have been published through BookForce UK.  I have a website devoted to my stories and artwork (, which also features links to my books on, and information on how to make contact for art comissions, etc! That other stuff aside, I am 21 years old.  I love reading, writing and drawing, and I have a mad interest in animals of all kinds.  I live in the United Kingdom, with my boyfriend and pet rats.  I'm currently in my third year of psychology study at University, and hope to be accepted onto a teacher training course.  I wear lots and lots and lots of black, and love chocolate and coffee to an insane degree.  My favourite authors are Peter Beagle, Robin Jarvis and Captain W.E Johns (of 'Biggles' fame), and my favourite movies include Beauty and the Beast, The Last Unicorn and Lady in the Water. My artwork may seem a bit disjointed at times, but I will try to keep to a theme from time to time!  Most of it will be related to characters and species out of my own novel series, and some fantasy related commissions that I draw for other people.  I hope you enjoy your stay at my gallery.