Amy Mussell

Hi. . I love to draw. Its probably the only thing i'm good at. I'm 15 years old . I live in Canada. I have two siblings that are elfwood artists so check them out. . I draw mostly elves,dragon,fairies (but who doesn't) and somtimes something original,interesting and cool comes up. I'm trying to get into drawing  more realistic looking people. I'm trying to expand my horizon. I used to just draw anime.   Many characters that I draw have stories or ideas behind them, but since i'm no good at story writting I have to leave them in my head. I think I would enjoy getting into animation or comic writing so I tell my characters stories without writting a crappy story. Most of these pictures are really old. Just wait until I put my new stuff up.  Don't worry more pictures will be on their way. I hope you like my drawings and maybe comment on them too. Favourite music I like lots of different kinds of music. My favorite bands right now are A Perfect Circle, Incubus and Bloc Party.