Amy the Great' Heffernan

Well hello and welcome and such. I have nothing really to say about me that hasn't been said by someone before, so. I'm afraid all the work in this gallery is immensely old and out of date and generally not a very good representation of my art, but my scanner died and I have a foot high pile of pictures to scan, as well as about four hundred or so it seems to transfer even onto a computer with internet access but I'm getting there. What to expect in the near or far future, assuming all goes well and I get a new scanner: Puppy Love (Sirius/Remus) and loads and loads of it. It's about all I've been drawing for the past year, hee. Something Buffyverse-ish. Who knows? Scenes from the latest Harry Potter book, HBP. Real CG pictures, of Sirius and maybe some others. And more animations, because yay! Possible pages from my HP comic book, as yet unamed and unfinished. Water coloured pictures! And lots of other things. I just have no idea when, I'm sorry!