me???? There isnt a lot to know really... I was born in South London England, spent 8 years of my life there, then moved to Oxford for the rest of my life so far. I love art, i love to read... but can never be bothered. Art is getting difficult for me too. At school, I'm doing an A level course in an unendoursed Art course, Ceramics, Design and Psychology.. so i dont have much time to myself. and when i do.. i spend it talking to my boyfriend or relaxing (or down the pub getting trashed)! lol I've been drawing propperly for about.. the last.. erm.. 10 years or so? I'm completely self tought.. i spent most of my time observing, reading books, and practicing! practice makes perfect after all! heheheheh. anyway... in the last year I've started painting and working in other materials other than graphite pencils.. so look forward to seeing a lot more coloured pictures. ttfn, i hope u enjoy my galleries! I'm also a member of elftown.. so look me up. im always welcoming new people to talk to. xXx I like Art Fantasy Sci Fi Music Comics/ Graphic Novels Favourite movies Farscape Favourite books Fathom Favourite music Punk Metal Trance Euphoria Rock DnB Classical ANYTHING