Hi I'm Amy, Not really a lot to tell you about myself apart from i used to love to draw but now that I'm older I don't really have the time to. I've been writing a Fantasy story for about a year now, but I doubt I'll ever finish it. I will always love to draw and my style has become a lot stranger the older I ave become. After about 2 years of not coing on Elfwood I now brouse through the pages and see so many amazing artists and feel i can't keep up! lol Perhaps i should start drawing again, I've got a long list of ideas that i really want to complete and upload onto here. I've been drawing properly for years and am compleely self tought. I did a little Life drawing during ALevel and it helped a lot with realistic proportions although my style is definitely a lot more fantasised and comic orientated. I love the really strange comics you find on their own, on a dusty shelf in shops like Forbidden Planet but I'm not a big fan of DC or Marvel comics. I'm not sure why.My life is a simple one, I live with my boyfriend in London, I drink, smoke, and have random dreams (more and more frequently now). I love the colours Red, (I know they're not really colours but) White and Black. I have a pet Giant African Land Snail called Brian which I have wanted since I was very young as I've always had a love for snails. My other pets include a very antisocial fish called Hitler (no offence intended to anyone but he does have the 'Hitler moustache') and a Peacock Preying Mantis which is my boyfriend's. I'll hopefuly get lots more pets when I have some money and somewhere to put them.Thats pretty much everything you need to know about me, see I'm not that interesting afterall lol. I hope you like my artwork. I'll try and create some new pieces for you all to look at soon. Ta Ta For Now. Enjoy