Cassandra Wilkinson

Possibly my art is getting better. Possibly it isn't. At any rate I enjoy creating it and now through the wonder of the Internet I can subject unsuspecting viewers to perusing it. I have been doing art as a serious hobby for, oh, maybe ten years now. Artists who have inspired me along the way are Wendy Pini, Robin Wood, Charles Vess, Edward Gorey, Michael Parkes, Tony DiTerlizzi, Tim Burton, and probably others which I'll smack myself for forgeting when I finish writing this. I am also inspired by nature, Celtic and Native American beliefs, magick, quantum theory, things that go bump in the night, all kinds of music, cloud formations, the way things smell after a rainstorm, my dog, and the stacks of film & literature I've got piling up around here. Now if I could only do artistic justice to everything that inspires me! 'Touch magic, pass it on.' -quote from Jane Yolan