I have brown hair, gray, blue, green eyes, and a wheelchair.  My favorite author is R.A. Salvatore, and my favorite character relating to him is Jarlaxle Baenre.R.A. Salvatore and J.R.R. Tolkein among other noted fantasy authors are my inspiration for my own fantasy stories.I occasionally take writing requests, and I am happy to help if anyone has questions on anything.  Just don't ask me about drawing or painting.  Couldn't do it if my life depended on it. ;) I like Reading, creative writing, movies, videogames, manga/anime. Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings (duh), Harry Potter 1-7, (when they all come out), Star Wars 1-6, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, House, 24, Lie to Me, Vampire Knight (anime), Fruits Basket (anime), Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Favourite books The Lord of the Rings (again duh), all R.A. Salvatore books concerning Drizzt/Jarlaxle, Harry Potter 1-7, the Twilight Saga, Vampire Knight (manga), Fruits Basket (manga). Favourite music pop, alternative rock ex. All-American Rejects, Bowling for Soup, Gackt (favorite), Ayaka, Utada Hikaru.

Riddle, Riddle, Chant, and Rhyme

 This is inspired by the second novel I plan to write, the sequel to the Order of the Dragon found in my library, and some of the characters in this have been swimming around in my head. Seere Anastil is Anariel's twin brother, for those of you who have read Order.  For those of you who haven't read Order, “Lessers” is a term in my novel that is used to describe someone other than a dragon. As for the abrupt ending, it's because I really have no idea how they are going to escape, haha.  I've had this scene jumping around in my head for a while, and when my literature class called for another poem, I decided to turn the scene into a poem.  Unfortunately, I still have to work on the actual surviving concept, heh.  When I actually write out the scene, only the dragons will speak in riddles and rhymes (due to certain circumstances that created them.  Three-headed dragons don't exist in my books), but for the purposes of the poem, everyone rhymes :). My muse really is a pesky little thing.

The Mind of a Goblin

 This is inspired by the novel in my library, the Order of the Dragon.  My evil tyrant, Vanima Anastil, has goblins working for her, and this is probably what goes through their heads every day.  Some rather twisted logic that shows how stupid they really are.  Personally, I wouldn't want to have a goblin for a mother.  Would you? I wrote this for my Literature class, and for those who are familiar with poetry terms, this is written in a dramatic monologue style. Feel free to laugh at the morons and count my syllables.  After all, this is a haiku :).

The Order of the Dragon Chapter K.htm

Here is part 12 of my novel.Edit: The Tathar scenes stay the same, but I moved things that were originally in this chapter to the next chapter, so it is definitely worth a reread.  Jezryn gets desperate after finding out about Khazar, so he goes back to his first plan.  He tries it, on to find out what happens.  Another aspect of the Eyla is revealed as well.  2/19/2010Happy reading.

Siren Introduction.htm

This is an excerpt from my book that gives an introduction to a few characters of mine.  It gives a little history and whatnot that I wanted to upload because this part in my book will probably never get on Elfwood.  Its pretty much at the end.Seere is Anariel's twin brother for those who have read the Order of the Dragon and are going, "Huh?  Who's he?"So anyway, read and enjoy my version of sirens.

The Fall of Babylon.htm

This I had to write for school as part of my final project to pass my Bible class.  We had to do seven pieces of art based on Revelation, and poetry falls into the art category.  The inspiration for this is in Revelation 18 where it describes the fall of Babylon, and so I wrote from that chapter with a Fantasy sort of aura.Happy reading.

A Joyful End.htm

This is a poem that came to me while I was in church.  It just randomly popped into my head, so I jotted it down on the back of the program sheet.  It describes the end of the world in the Christian viewpoint, and how the Dove (Jesus) will save us all with a fantasy twist and feel.Happy reading.

The Order of the Dragon Chapter J

This is the eleventh part of my story and the last (I mean it this time) part that I will upload. In this section, it continues with Dazzan and Anariel and reveals the history of Vanima and why she is evil. I thought this was an important thing to upload. Also, there is a huge section of action which I personally think is hilarious. Enjoy!Edit: You might want to reread the Jezryn scenes, but other than that, nothing really changes.  Ilitha grows a heart...kinda.   2/19/2010

The Elven Outcast

Another poem written about Anariel. This one I actually intended it to be about her. She is the main character in my book, and it makes a little more sense when you actually know her. It is formatted to look like a tear dripping down. My teacher called it a shape poem. I think it turned out pretty good.

The Order of the Dragon Chapter I

This is the tenth part of my story which pretty much introduces Renor. Also, a bit of Dazzan's character is revealed which I may or may not cut out. Did anyone get my joke when Anariel was talking about her motorcycle? You would have to be a Final Fantasy fan, really.Edit: You'll want to reread the whole thing.  Jezryn begins to act on his plan, and their interaction together changes a little bit.  There is a brief section of new dialogue, too.  2/19/2010Happy reading!

The Order of the Dragon Chapter H

This is the ninth part of my book. I said I wasn't going to upload anymore, but here I am doing it. I wanted Renor to be introduced because a kelpie is pretty cool, I think, and this is the chapter leading up to that.Edit: The crocodile is no longer in the chapter, and I really wonder why I had it in there in the first place. Say "hello" instead to the Web Weavers.Edit 2: Except for the Ilitha/Balag scenes, you might want to reread the whole thing.  Jezryn comes up with a plan.  2/19/2010

The Order of the Dragon Chapter G

Now we get to see what happened to Athelas and Cobble in the eighth part of my book. Pretty much this chapter is setting the stage for future events. Happy reading!Edit: Some minor changes, but mostly consisting of punctuation stuff and a slight change in dialogue. The name of the troll holding Tathar is mentioned. He becomes a more notable character later on.Edit 2: Nothing is worth rereading except for the scenes with Jezryn.  Everything else has stayed basically the same.  2/19/2010Enjoy

Imminent Destruction

This is the climactic poem/prophecy in my book that tells pretty much how my bad guy is going to die. I won't say who the Red Phoenix is for those who are actually reading my book, because it is a sort of huge spoiler, but if people remember the tablet found toward the beginning, these are the words that were on the back that Athelas mentioned.

The Orange Dragon

My english teacher did a section completely devoted to poetry, and she had us write a small little piece on a color and a creature. So, this is what ten minutes of English class resulted in.

Behind the Mask

Another little poem I wrote. It started out as a description of myself, but it turned into something about the main character in my book. It was also written in my English class, so I hope you enjoy it.