Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

Bio's gone. Go to Loth. 7/10/03 Update! Added 'The Tale of Laverna and the World: Part I.' A weird title, but mind you, the story is going to be a bit weird also. Lots of stuff is gone. HARR!! Wow. Never expected to ever update this library again. But here's a story. (The Night.) Also, a major, more like total cut of old crap.

A Flower and a Butterfly

I first wrote this poem ages ago, back when my knowledge of English was a bit, well, absent. Since then I periodically experienced fits of editing and this poem was not spared. So, this is the version 'so far.' Eventually my plan is to write a tiny-teeny book illustrating this poem. Eventually.

The Legacy

A legacy to live by..., well, in a fantasy world, I suppose.

A Little Riddle

Well... a little riddle!


A space-soldier jotted down this abstract poem to get out his feelings as his unit was landing in Puniceus, one of my planets. I already mentioned it, sort of, in one of my poems that I decided to remove afterwards, but... Anyway, I was practicing on really 'obscurizing' simple images such as rain. Tell me if you see what he's talking about.

Little Prologue of a Bard

Here's something a bard in a tavern would sing prior to his newly composed heart-tearing heroic ballad, hehe. Just to get all of the humans, elves, goblins, dwarfs, whoever else in the hall quiet. ;)

A Sea-Reaver's Song

Here's a song of a merry old sea-reaver, who doesn't need anything else, but roaming his oceans and abordaging ships!

The Night

K... well, this is not really a story. I wrote it spontaneously one evening, when I was feeling a bit strange. It's flamboyantly written too, so if that's too nauseating, don't read. I can't help it.


Nothing to say, really. A lullabye!