HELLO PEOPLE!! Long time, no see... over an year. But don't worry, I have not forgotten Elfwood, it's just that I started college and it took all my time. Still, I drew a lot in between, i just didn't get to upload them properly. But I'm cleaning up now... expect something new in the following days and maybe more sometimes this summer when I finish polishing my other new drawings.(this is also valid for the summer of 2012 as well !...) For the time being, I'm just a student from Romania (South-Eastern Europe). As incredibly as it might seem, I became annoyed by all my passion with fantasy subjects, but I'm yet too far from giving it up (though I plan... soon). Anyways, there's nothing special about me, so here come some details about certain concepts of my art.           >>>! First, I'd like to ask to try a  "Full size" version of the pictures even if the differences are small, mostly because they look better.   >>>  There is a certain grouping of my pictures, but I won't bother you with it anymore. I change it every now and then. Usually, pictures around the same idea are already grouped closely because of their title. The ones with " ~ " are horse-related (I have plenty of those in general so I decided to separate them at the end). All the others are simply... well, the others. I feel like I need to organize them somehow...>>>  !!! NEW: The new pictures I upload from now on will start with " - " in front so that they get placed first, at the beggining of the list. The older pictures will be simply left unmarked. The horse pictures will still be the last, except for the new ones, of course, that I want you to see first. > 1. Descriptions: I tried to be clear, but since most are personal concepts they might be hard to get in depth. > 2. Concepts, ideas: since I'm not giving any original names but only descriptions, there may be confusions. The idea is that all these scattered concepts and visual ideas are somehow related to stories I write, taking place in an imaginary universe. > 3. The unreal: name it whatever you want - fiction, fantasy, imaginary, fabulous, it's all one thing = unreal. Maybe it should be kept like so. Supernatural concepts like those already in Elfwood are simply related to stories and other possible imaginary adventures, but none of them are real. So, a certain idea, feeling, meaning, concept can be pointed out like it is in reality, due to the fact that reality serves as starting point for art, but, in the end, realms, characters, actions and other means of expressing that theme of the picture/text is... imaginary. It's just better to make the difference. And I think I do it a bit too exagerated. Okay, I'm sure you'll get, in the end...                 > Pictures and their imagined description are simple fiction.                                                   ~~~*~~~ Imagination is Dystopia. And we're the tyrants. ... for Imagination is a Dystopia. And the tyrants...                                                                                          ...are we. I like Fairy-tales, plain and simple. Anything related to imagination and therefore, clearly unreal things.