Anca Raluca Sandu

Greetings! I have just recently passed through here to see the big makeover... and I am very disappointed. Part of my pictures are missing, I can't find the ,,other works" section anymore, the overall organization and page aspect is poor, I really don't like how the comments have been thrown all over and missing from the profile page, the favorites section is a mess... and so on and so fort. Perhaps it has good aspects (like the improved 300 pictures limit) but there is a lot more work to be done. ~*~ I will get to clean up my art page sometime... but it may take a year or two. As of right now I am busy with my job. I still draw fantasy... perhaps one day, when they are going to fix the site I will start spending time here again. As of 2014, I'm 24 year old, living in Romania (Central-Eastern Europe). ~*~ All of my pictures and their imagined description are simple fiction (duh!). ~~~*~~~  Imagination is Dystopia. And we're the tyrants. ... for Imagination is a Dystopia. And the tyrants...      ...are we.