Guardian series - 4. Red

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Anca Raluca Sandu

In imagination, the "supernatural" element is called in various ways by many, but it is basically the same: the unreal, the high imagination, high fantasy or just fantasy, fabulous, miraculous, fairy tale ingredient, etc. It is that thing, fantasy or science fiction, that does not happen in reality and Elfwood is bassicaly built upon it. I avoid the terms "magic" or "spell" due to the unfortunate ocult and evil/obscure connotation, and I prefer the "fantasy" word because it sends to fairy tales, both classical and modern and pure imagination. This Fantastic feature is usually comprised of "Fabulous Elements/Elementals" (they can be Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Light, etc - or name some yourself in an original way, as I usually do, and I write them with capitals to make the difference between fantastic Fire and common fire or the Fabulous Area of White, for example and mere white).Well, in *my* imagination, this Fantastic element has 8 general areas that include all possible fantastic Elements in it. These 8 Fabulous Areas are named after 8 most common colors, in the folowing order, easily passing from one hue to another: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Black. Each of these has various Elements included, like Red has Blood and Fire, White has Air, Snow, Light, etc, and so on - mostly, based on a formal aspect, the color of the Element gives his major Area. In case of an abstract Element like "Dream" or "Life", "Time", the choice of area was made by mostly personal considerents combined with classical views. Life and Time are White, Dream is rather pinkish in my mind so I placed it under Purple who also has the Night. Your opinions might be different, of course, but this is my imagination so try to understand at least a part.Now, these 8 Areas have much more feature to them than just Elements (they have entire nations associated with a Color or an Element, various caretakers, artifacts, secrets and so on). They also have a specific master guardian to take care that his speciality is well used and that its associated beings are taken care of properly. They guard not only the Color Area but also a final resting place where the good imaginary beings of his color will eventually end up after death. These places are guarded by the best of the Fabulous Elemental users for their color, namely these 8 winged reptile guardians that you will now see in order...Note that each has something unique. I. The red guardianMajor Element: SparkPlace looks like: active vulcanoesAssociated traits: fiery temper but also passionate feelingsExamples of Fabulous Elements included in Red area: Fire, Chaos, Blood, Heat, etc.

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