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I think that, first, I should admit that I partially inspired myself (for the face of this character) from a manga I read recently and liked a great deal - but I'm only refering to the fact that she has a bandage over her face, tied in that manner, which is the major thing I liked and wanted to try for one of my own characters, already-existing in some of the stories I imagine. So the idea of that bandage (that I liked so much that it changed the character's face by... covering it?) is not my own, but all the rest is, pretty much, the same old character. I've only changed the style a little, hair and clothing, and adapted the old face to suit the new stuff.I just hope it's ok even if I borrowed the bandage idea...(?) Even though I wanted it tied up in that way over her face, it's just a mummy-like bandage, changed to green to suit her. You don't really see many characters with bandages over their face, though, so please tell me if there is any problem with that... ?  I remember that previously (a longer time ago) under this title, there was another drawing of the same woman, but in old concept. But that drawing mostly treated the meaning of green hues in fabulous elementals. The fabulous element in which she is proficient is labelled "toxicity", a relative of both poison and venom, but not quite any of those and more powerful. That explains the green hues. I imagined toxicity as a mix of the two, plus other "toxic"-related things... like disease or fatigue? She knows it better.The original concept was of her being an old lady, so the white hair is because of age, mostly. Sometimes it was more yellow-pale, together with her skin which was meant to have that hue. She wore a hood and her face was sickly-thin, I even drew her a milder skeleton face (that was her in the old picture). However, since I liked the bandage, I applied some changes. They are not radical, but did create another version of her. Younger, mostly, but that is also because my lacking drawing skills of human faces... ~ Thing is, in my head, different aspects and ideas of things and characters don't change them. They just correspond to my mood, or if I want to make up a story with this idea/version or the other one. So please cope wit me. I can't really decide between more variants when it comes to high fantasy. I can't pick a final version, they always change, with time, inspiration and story. ~ Without giving up on many of thore previous treats, the new picture shows her a bit differently. I'm not that good at working with faces to expres certain things so she loks neatly young. I'd like to keep her the same old and sad lady, but perhaps some new plans could make use of her youth. I don't know. Anyway, she's goodhearted and very kind, gentle, and usually slow-moving and very patient, though also very powerful (related to the old age) when defending her friends and her home. Yet again, her starting as an old lady pictured her as a good "grandmother" and major caretaker of those sad beings that took refugee in the poor, poor rainy castle. Though she is one of them as well, and didn't hesitate to take up a role she is good at, as it was all she could do to help from her side.... and she likes to bake cookies. She's holding her personal journal with one hand and her personalized quill in the other. The old version of the picture had her with six arms, but that didn't necessarily change - perhaps the other four are just covered? The book has a shiny golden symbol on it which is meant to be the "H" letter in an imagined alphabet from the swamps... H is her name's first letter, and the fact that it's written in a special "swamp" language was meant to betray her unusual origins (for the ones that knew that fact...). As for the quill, it's both something to fill her hand with and an excuse to draw a venomous drop, yet again, a reference to her fabulous and powerful elemental which is a mix of many other things...The landscape is, again, a quick sketch from a country of a fabulous realm I have imagined for some of my stories. The green-roofed castle in the rain (left) and the suave and tired sunset (right) are two distinct moments but combined in one picture, a technique that I like using more and more. ...and she is floating...

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