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Dystopia Daggertail

Dystopia doesn't trust most humans.  Too bad her new commander feels the same about Beasts.

The Nightmare Executioner (revised) Part 1-4?

I haven't updated the Nightmare story for a while, but when I looked through it I decided it needed revising.  I might be wrong. *shrugs*  Anyways, Laura despises the Executioners.  She always has.  But maybe joining them is for the best after all... At least for now...

The Chase

Theresa is a young Specter Slayer trained to despise and destroy her targets.  After all, a Swampling could never be anything but a vile, merciless killer.... right?

The Nightmare Part 3

Laura is now an Executioner... the very thing she hates the most.  But not everything about being an Executioner seems all that bad....except, perhaps that strange, sharp voice.

The Nightmare Part 2

Laura doesn't like Executioners.  They are honorless, corrupted assassins who kill for no reason and rule her world with a very ancient sword.  Few recruits become one.  She hopes she's not one of those few.

The Nightmare Part 1

Meet Laura. Laura lives in a country ruled and terrorized by assasins called Executioners. If you catch the attention of an Executioner, you could join them, or be hunted down like a fugitive. Nothing grabs the Executioners' attention like someone defeating and killing one of them in battle... or even in a skirmish. Laura's nightmare has only begun.

Faery Mara

A young poet is kidnapped by the affectionate Faery Mara.

The Group: Prologue

A young werewolf pup has lost her pack, now she must find a new home.