Tina Andersen

This bio isn't updated very often, is it... I'm Tina, twenty soon to be twenty-one years old My favourite authors are, among other, William Shakespeare, Edgar A. Poe, Sir Arthur C. Doyle, David & Leigh Eddings, Gillian Bradshaw, Rudyard Kipling and the duo of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I've written poetry from a young age, and stories from an even younger, and I consider myself to be reasonably good. Problem is, I start so many stories, I can hardly finish. Ahem. What can I say? When inspiration strikes... *Shrugs* When I reach a reasonable age, I intend to take over the world, but until then, I'll be spending my time, trying to earn the right to call myself an Egyptologist. Got to have something to fall back on, you know. The newest bit would be 'The Kallian Swallow' which is connected in a round-about way with 'Origins of the Kingdom', through the main characters of the latter being the descendants of the characters in the first. Wee.


Origins of the Kingdom

(Incest warning on this one...) Oh, yikes... About this story: I've worked for two years developing the world these two inhabit, and I'm actually quite proud of it. Of course there are many other countries and cultures. Just to explain, the characters are Emperor Aghanim and Princess Aghamay, both of the empire Lemania. The palace they reside in is referred to as the Golden Palace, hence the mention. Semlit is part of three-men Lord General's council, the highest authority in the military, and Elin is but a lowly cadet, the lowest rank. Elin is also the biggest creep ever, but you didn't hear that from me. :D

The Kallian Swallow

Okay, backstory goes that, basically, Leman conquered Yanimara's homeland, and for rather political reasons forced her into marriage by slaughtering a village for each day she said no. Worked like a charm, no? ;) Incidentally, Leman and Yanimara are the ancestors of Aghamay and Aghanim from my story 'Origins of the Kingdom'.

Midnight Muse (Poem)

Sometimes, I really hate muses... 'specially when Jakob drags me outta bed at 3 am to jot down a poem (Yes! I have a muse, he's male and named Jakob! Gotta problem?!). But, ah well... Dedicated to my little Jak.

The Elven Dance

I've always loved the phenomenon of elf dances; a legend telling of how elf maids danced humans to death. *Evil grin* I wrote this as sort of a RPing thingy... whatever. Yeah, yeah, the third verse sucks. Lemme alone... :)

Give In to Me (Poem)

I... honestly don't know why I wrote this. It's strange, I'm not happy with it, but I was told it was good so I'm putting it up. Bah. And, as a quick notice, the genders of the two are left in the dark on purpose, and I'll be happy to hear interpretations... ;)

Moon Song (Poem)

Flip! Another poem... Oi, I really have to get cracking on some of my stories... Anyway, this is about, well, werewolves, sort of. Ahem - enjoy! Oh, and the weird rhythm is *completely* on purpose! Yup, definatly, mm-hmm! *Whistles innocently*

Nightmare Lullabies (Poem)

Let's face it; war sucks. What really gets me, though, is the fact that the militaries can't keep it for themselves. Why do innocents have to get hurt? I truly hate war... There's not much 'Elfwoody' about this poem, aside from the fact that it was originally an introductory poem in a post-apocolyptic war-story. Anyway, just read it.

My Dear (Poem)

Just a little poem I jotted down one night. Took me some fifteen minutes, so it's not all that good. But, hey! It rhymes!

The Griffin's Song (Poem)

I love griffins. I really do! Can't help it. Well, I just wrote this down one night. I always become inspired at night for some reason. Wonder why...

The Magician (Poem)

A teensy little poem, รก la 'The Hero's Lot', only about a magician. Hey, don't blame me; I've just been reading to many 'strange' stories lately...

Childhood: Lost and Found (Poem)

I know these poems aren't popular in the woods, but I just thought, 'What the hell...' and put it up anyway. I wrote this, wondering why exactly it is we have to grow up...?

Murder of the Beast

A little thing on the title, first off. It's *not* supposed to read as murdering of the beast. It's the beast that murders something else; get it? Good. Now, on a little side note, this was translated from Danish like the Hero's Lot, but unlike the Hero's Lot, it actually sounds better in the original version. It's one of my very first poems, one which I hold very dear, and 'A Mourning Song' remains my favourite to this day (again, the Danish version). So please, be kind to my baby... :)

Christin & the Nix (Poem)

Erm... a ballad of sorts. Not very good, but hey! Oh, BTW, the creature luring Christin is a nix (A mythical creature. Look it up!) and if the end's confusing... well, she drowns.

As if Our Love Were New

Believe in reincarnation? Well, in any case there's a lot of it here. It's not finished though. As the title makes obvious, this is a love story, so consider yourself warned. Oh, yeah. The quotes comes from the song 'Someday Out of the Blue' by Elton John.

The Assassin's Lament (Poem)

Assassins are cool; almost as cool as pirates, you know. Anyway, as the title says (and yes, I' fully aware that a garotte is nothing even resembling a sword)...


First thing's first: I did not want to write this in first person, but my main character, annoying brat that she is, insisted. Gurr... Oh, and if anyone say they like 'the Lord', I will smack you so severely. He's evil! He's not supposed to be liked! *G* Warn you I must. References to prostitution, incest and other squiffy stuff.

The Elven Lovers (Poem)

It's a love poem... sorta. A bit sick, maybe, but hey! At least it rhymes!

All This Contained... (Poem)

My absolutely favorite love poem! It's sorta old, but I still love it! Ah, yes. The wonders of inspiration gained at three in the morning... ;)

And When the Birds Dance...

This is the prologue to a somewhat longer story. It's about the senaia Mesalo (Don't worry, I'll explain in the story) who just popped into my head one day and demanded to have his story written.

The Last Kiss

I'm not gonna tell ya anything! This is completely based on you getting a small surprise, so I'm not tellin'! :o)

Two Are All (Poem)

This, kids, is what comes from reading too much Frankenstein. *Sigh*

Destiny (Poem)

I love Arthurian legend. Don't you. Anyway, here's a wee ditty about everyone's favourite mythical king! I know, I know, I could've made a better description, let alone poem, but gimme a break here! I'm tired... *hangs head* Yes, Jakob's been breathing down my neck again.

The Hero's Lot (Poem)

'Reasons not to be a hero'. *Grin* This was originally written in Danish, and the first part actually sounds better there than in this English version. But the second part... Let's just say you should be happy you're reading the English version...