Rachel Anderson

Prints - You can find high quality prints and other cool products with my artwork at my website. Ok... I don't want to bore people with my lengthy babble about myself... so if you are really interested in it, you can read it all at my website. The basics about my art are that Imainly do digital now. I sketch out a concept and then paint it in photoshop with a graphics tablet. I love answering questions about my art or techniques so don't hesitate to ask questions. Check out my F.A.Q. if you have any aditional questions.  Or you can stop by my contact page if you want to send me an e.mail.  I don't seem to be getting the elfwood comments by e.mail anymore, so it is hard for me to find new ones.  If you have a question you would be more likely to get an answer by checking my FAQ or contacting me directly, rather than leaving a comment here. Thanks for stopping by! other galleries deviantArt epilogue myspace Favourite movies Labyrinth, Legend, The princess Bride, The Brothers Grimm, The Dark Crystal, The Last Unicorn. Favourite books Harry Potter by JK Rowling, Something Rich & Strange (and anything else by Patricia Mckillip), The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis, The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkein, The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black.