Alice M. Anderson

This is gallery of Piper, after the Pied Piper of Browning's poem-- also known as Setsuna or Tonperry the Samurai Dwarf. Most of the stuff here is design-work from my RPG project Defiance, which I started in February 1998 and is by no means professional or finished. The Defiance website is updated in spurts of great activity without prior warning. Just so you know. I do do commissions, under certain base conditions. Since I am a student and the speed at which I complete a piece is rather variable, payment will not be required in advance. If for some reason I finish a commission, deliver it to a client, and don't get paid... I will regard said 'free' work as public property, and treat it as such. Email me for details on pricing. However, I do NOT do free requests. I make no exceptions. Not even close family members get free requests done. It's nothing personal; I just have a distinct lack of time to spend on gratis work. Visit Now: Cil - Shoi - Red - Lex - Nico - Bunz