Andi Seymour

My name is Andi. All is chaos with me. I work mainly in graphite because I love the simplicity of it. People around here seem to have a problem with the lack of color in my work. The thing is, I just do not think it is necessary.  It is just the way I am. That is not to say that I do not paint once in a while as the mood suits the hour. I just cannot get the canvases to fit on the scanner. If I am not drawing, I am whittling down the pencil in an effort to be a writer. Thus far I have finished the first draft of one novel. I have three others in some state of  half-existance and plans for more.  There is a journal based on my buckskin tannery in the works, the script for a play and something that has the potential to one day end up as either a graphic novel or a video game If I can every find an interested party to help it along.  Other than that, I work part time as an assistant to a professional craftswoman. The rest of the day, I babysit. And if I am not doing one of the afore mentioned endevours, I can usualy be found gardening, reading, checking out a powwow, making something art related,  sleeping or hatching some insane plot  to make people question my sanity. Details for most of this information can be found at my other site, The Lair of Roving Blade.What's up in the world of Elfwood? Does anyone still visit or has my garden become so overgrown that no one can find me? Sad to say, I don't have anything new for you to look at. The last post I managed here was over a year ago and it got wiped out by a crash. I haven't been back since! Bad, I know, but such is life. I have been seriously distracted by my writing. It has reached a point that  I have not drawn much at all. Besides, the scanner has gone wonky and I do not have time to fix it right now. As soon as I have something that I can post, this will be the first place to find it. For other news, check the Lair occasionaly. I have been known to pop in from time to time. And I am told I should do so more often. That's about it.