Andreea aka Simbelmynë

Hi there! I'm Andreea, a student in International Economic Relationships, living in Bucharest, Romania. What I like: well, I should say art, sadness and beauty; gothic and dark; I could not live without dance and music (especially Tristania and My Dying Bride), and I appreciate European movies. I am a volunteer in a student's NGO: VIP - and I love it! And of course I love drawing... colouring books and tracing all kinds of weird lines are about the first things I remember doing in life, so... But, apparently, in 20 years' time there has been little improvement! :) My inspiration comes mostly from music and prof. Tolkien (though maybe not always explicitely), sometimes from the real life, or simply from the tip of my pen. Well, enough of this. The wanderer should be left to wander, not be detained with neverending stories... I hope you will enjoy your stay in my little corner of the magical Elfwood! You can also visit this page for more of my artwork (some things that I cannot submit here)