Andrew Kibelbek

My bio at-a-glance: Andrew Kibelbek is a sophomore at Cedarville University in Ohio interested in writing novels, drawing, composing music, and audio production. Likes Star Trek, Babylon 5, and other good sci-fi, and the Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord of the Rings, the Redwall series, and other good fantasies. Plays old Nintendo games, listens to movie soundtracks, has two dogs (a Belgian sheepdog and a schipperke) and a gray, overweight cat. Has (finally) finished writing a novel with fellow Elfwood artist Mitch de la Guardia, and we are seeking publication. A few of the characters from that novel are represented below. Oh, and, for more viewing pleasure... Check out Mitch de la Guardia's gallery here on Elfwood. Mitch is a good friend and writing buddy of mine. His furries are excellent; he's a great artist with great form. Then hop over to Kimbo 'DS9 Wolfie, Felio Ital' Petrie's place for assorted fantasy creatures in beautiful renditions. She's a great artist with a variety of media, and she's very kindly commented on several of my pictures as well as done a few art trades with me. Also try Jennifer Miller for some of the best Photoshop work I've ever seen. She does amazing gryphons with stunning backgrounds. I've seen several other galleries link in to hers, and with good reason. August 20, 2004: I wanted to squeeze an update in before classes start again at Cedarville. I took down several pictures and put up six new ones: Alleycat, The King at Menkaure, Miranda, Rhea Kaylen--Furry Style, Shonnach, and Tevit in Snakeskin Armor. I really will make an effort to respond to every comment. Critiques are welcome!