Andrew WynnWilliams

I currently work for government and have worked in the past as an advocate to government.  In these capacities I have done a great deal of research, analysis and writing of technical government documents. I have always had a passion for fantasy however and I began to indulge that in about 1988. I stopped in 1990 to go back to school and finish my MA and I have only recently returned to my writing. Of my older works only a handful of pieces seemed salvagable. Keet was the only new work published here initially.  The Brass Cross is also a newer piece (which has been honoured as a Mod's Choice). Keet 3 was added as an experiment in violence. I had fun writing it. The most recent piece is the Clifford piece.  I have grand plans for that one but never seem to get around to them. I haven't actually written anything new in some time.I have also been encouraged by friends to start tying my pieces together into something longer. We Shall see I guess. I have been happily married since 1988, and I have two children a boy (Rhys) born in December 1997 and girl (Sydney) in July, 2002. Anyone looking at that second birthdate knows I don't have much time for writing at the moment. I have an MA in history for what that's worth ... not much really ... with an MA and a two bucks you can get a large coffee at starbucks ... and that is about it.

Mother's Gift

A man is rushing home ... for something?

Gate Keepers Choice

This is part of a much larger whole. The larger whole has been tossed out though. The lack of a title (at one point it was just named after the character 'Dell') seemed to confuse some so I have given it a title. Let me know if it sucks.

Keet three

This is the third instalment in my keet series. The second isn't done yet.


I am not sure if this is complete or not. I had fun writing it though. It was the first thing I had written new in about 11 years. It was inspired by the artwork of Kellie Gillette ... a good friend of mine.

News From Home

I am too honest to call this the first chapter of a new book ... like most of my work it is unlikely to be finished ... but at least it is a start ... Let me know if you want more.

The Dragon's Eye

There is a twist in this tale. I try to give some clues so it doesn't come out of the blue ... I hope to surprise you anyway.

The Brass Cross

A story is told over ale. But far more is going on than meets the eye.