Hey...  I've been teaching myself how to draw and experiment with various mediums.  Favorites so far are graphite pencil, and prisma (giving charcol a try too).  Currently I'm writing 5 short (maybe not so short) stories which a couple may appear on here later as soon as I figure how to.  At the present, my fanfic to 'Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' can be viewed at (plz reply even though it's old and I know it's looooooooooong, I have a bad habit in not keeping things short).  I also have an account on deviantart at whatever art that I can't get up here, goes there.  plz enjoy.   P.S.  I don't tolerate trash talk ok - if you can't express yourself without the use of cussing/swearing/or vulgarity then forget it cuz it ain't gonna be on for very long.