Eliza Snow

This is my fanart page. I do have an original account under E. Snow or Andriel.  That's me!  Soon I want to have an account on Wyvern's Library but that will come later.  But for now enjoy my pictures. I like E. Favorite books: LotR - Artemis Fowel - Redwall - Eragon - Inkspell - Leven Thumps .... lets stop there ok? Favorite Anime: Rurouni Kenshin - FMA - Trigun - Yu Gi Oh - Inuyasha... Favorite TV shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Drake & Josh


Closer to Me Ch.1

This is a small story that was inspired by a dream that I had and am currently in the process of writing.  Some notes on the background:  Skye is an elf princess and the kingdom that her father rules is on the brink of war with the human kingdom.  She is willing to do anything for her people.  She does hear about this war and how close they are upon it.  So she changes out of her elegant clothes, cuts her hair short and runs away to fight as a soldier.  Her disguise doesn’t last long and a few of the men discover that she is a woman.  One of them takes hold of her wrist and through a struggle; Skye gets an ugly bruise where the soldier grabbed her arms.  Luckily for her the elite captain recognizes who she is and prevents further harm befalling on her.  Skye is returned back to the castle, like some package, against her will. All characters are mine and still developing.  Any comments or feedback I'd greatly appreciate it.