Andrew Law

Ok, so i was bored again. People arent talking to me!! Not fun!! lol oh well, it happens.   Welcome all to my corner of the woods! This is me *points to picture*, HEY!! THOSE ARE MINE!! *swats dwarf away from plate of shortbread* Somewhere in my travels, i found a troop of dwarves. They liked me, quite possible because i had food, and have been eating my pantry dry ever since. If you ask me to visit, i'd lock everything away. Preferably behind very big, and very steel doors. Possibly with booby traps. They dont like booby traps. Anyway, where was i? Oh yes. Those are also mine *indicates scrolls on shelf* . Yes, my stories are on scrolls. Just seems righter that way. And i know. Righter isnt really a word. I know. Call it artistic license if it makes you happy. Anyway, if you should so desire, read them. And if you shouldnt desire, i'll put dwarf snacks in your back pocket when you're not looking and send the dwarves home with you. Never know, i might get some peace and quiet then... And please dont threaten me or the dragon. I will get around to reading you're stuff if you ask me to. I will. And i will probably forgive you. The dragon... He'll eat you. I now have a defense, because i DID already warn you. Unfortunatly, he tolerates the dwarves!! Pity really, could get solve alot of problems, least of all my food bill. Oh, i'd better go. The dwarves are trying to pull the feathers out of my eagle. *runs off to help the eagle* EDIT: Sorry i was away for so long, my computer wasnt finding elfwood, but its working now so im back. I'll post stuff soon, and read as much as i can. Ciao!

Death part 1

For a school assignment, I'm not totally happy with it, this part is about 3 and a half pages i think, i tried to get them relativly short. Anyway, throw some comments in there, I do know it can be re-written much better. And I did at some point have my Death influenced by Terry Pratchett. It was unavoidable.

Death part 2

Part 2 of Death. Bit shorter.

The Black Rose

Asalria is in the midst of a plot to over throw her ruler, but plans are disrupted by some of the Lord's henchmen


Young Andrik is training when he nitices a disturbance in the city, and is then in a race against time to save the person he cares about most.

The Black Rose Part 2 - Bakator

Yay!! the second part is UP!! wooo! lol yea im a lil crazy this arvo...but you get that occasionally. I suddenly had the inspiration one afternoon infront of the RUGBY of all places!!and so i wrote it down, modified it a lil and tadaaa!! we have another chaptery thing...i hope you enjoy it!

The Elementalist

Dedicated to Tristine who inspired the setting and Ti'rasti. Written for a competition at school, i re-wrote it 4 times or so, and i finished it at about 11 the night before it was due. Not a good idea really.

Death part 4

Part 4, the final part of Death.

The Black Rose, Part 3 - The Library

the third instalment of the Black Rose. New Characters!! Woo! lol. Enjoy!

The Black Rose, Part 4 - Purple in the Shadow

Part 4 of The Blask Rose. A new character is introduced (well, sort of), but will their actions prove to be for the good or ill of Asalria and Kasta?

Death part 3

part 3 of Death. Death himself actually makes no appearance in this part.