Angela Bracken

Well Wow... It has been a very long time sense I have been on here. O.O This place has changed a lot. It seems that they are Keeping up with DA. Well then, just a little about me as follows...I am thinking of changing Schools. Nothing to serious.I like to take Comissions... Or requests. Both will make me happy.I am old! *25* And i dont have it all down. Still working on it here.But I am glad to see that I am not forgotten here. It has gotten to be a better comunity. I like the lay out here now. Looks nicer. Anyways! Moving on!Enjoy the sights. Leave comments... Mayhaps I will get some more stuff up that is new! I like Ask and Maybe I will tell you. Favourite movies Ask me. Favourite books Ask me Favourite music Hee everything!