My name is Angela Jean Pustorino, but many people here on the web know me as Angel-chan. I am currently a student at Windsor High School in California, and I hope to one day attend the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. I am a hopeless romantic, very into the tragic love stories, and my artwork reflects that. Although I am just mastering the art of drawing more correct figures (I have not used a skeleton to begin my works until just recently), I hope to continue to improve. I have never taken an art class in my entire life, although I am going to this summer in order to catch up on my artistry...ness. ^^;; I am influenced greatly by anime (Naoko Takeuchi, you are my goddess), as well as science fiction and fantasy literature. I hope to one day become a writer, hopefully involved in the movie industry, even possibly in anime script writing. I hope you enjoy my artwork! Updates (w00t): 1/9/03 ~ I am now open to do art exchanges! Please contact me ( if you would like to do an art exchange with me. And look for a Ferio/Fuu (Magic Knights Rayearth), Allanon/Shea (Sword of Shannara trilogy), and more art exchange fanart soon! New pictures: Sailor Empyrean Sailor Crystal Illusion (request/exchange piece)