Robert Thompson

    Howdy, I know I haven't been on for quite a while but I will try to comment and respond to people's replies to my artwork.  I have been busy with raising a little family and drawing here and there to keep my sanity.  I hope you all keep coming and replying to my artwork. Samuel Lopez: He is an outstanding artist, he is in the Armed Forces.  I am hoping when he gets back he can show that art skill off again. Rose: The girl that has more artwork on fish-based and mix-made creatures than me.  Well, at least she colors hers...>.> Judith Mayr: Judith can place wings on anything when it comes to creatures, two-legged or four, and the detail is magnificent.  That is why she was able to get "Bael" as one of my favorite. Darryl King: Darryl is an up and very inspired artist.  His artwork is very unique in the way its drawn, and shaded.  I like how he takes basic work and makes you think on how "me" having a touch of OCD could finish some up with just a little shading here and there, but his ideas are as I stated before unique.  I will try to update with my newest Sketch Pad once I get a scanner that can hold paper that big to scan.  >. I like Drawing...duh. I also work all the time and someone brought to my attention that I have a soul for poetry. >.< Favourite books Who Reads? Not I, cause Grammar is something I have failed in. lol. Favourite music Hard Rock and Classical Music, it gives me my moods for certain pictures.