Emma Kathryn

Heyhey, am a writer/student from Scotland with a highly overactive imagination.  I'm 23, tiny, and very strange.  I write mostly short fiction and have too many novels on the go.  I like to dabble in other forms such as theatre, comic books and film scripts.Thank you peeps for all of your time, comments and kindness.  It's much appreciated and always will be.  I always try to return comments and apologies to those I've missed.  And thank you to the Mods for my Mods' choice!I've had a crazy load of work on lately and it's paid off!!!  A bunch of my stories are going to be appearing all over the place!!!  Why not check out:http://www.amazon.com/Glitter-and-Trauma-ebook/dp/B007UJ6GNE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1337522812&sr=8-1I've also got a blog now.  It's http://bewarethevampirebunnies.blogspot.com and this has details of all my new and upcoming work.Catch me on Twitter, too, https://twitter.com/#!/GirlofGotham Em I like Writing, reading, music, horror movies, acting like a general dafty... Favourite movies Pan's Labyrinth, Evil Dead (1 2), The Exorcist, Batman Returns, Under the Red Hood, Repo!, Cabin in the Woods, Avengers Favourite books Living Next Door to the God of Love by Justina Robson, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, anything by Neil Gaiman Favourite music Nightwish, Oomph!, Within Temptation, Epica, Sirenia, Xandria,Emilie Autumn, Rasputina, Icon for Hire


Weight of the Wardkeeper

Daft tale I wrote for an anthology I didn't get into.  But ah well, means you fine people can enjoy it!  Was a tricky one to write, don't know why but it took me a while to do.

Flashes: Episode Seven: Pale

Wow, the next episode!  At last!  Sorry about the wait.  I've hacked the complete Vampire tales up and sent it all off to different anthologies.  Fingers crossed!!!  Enjoy!

Flashes: Episode Eight: Here Comes the Sun

Okay, flashback this time.  I've been chopping the book up and sending some of the stories off.  Just for a heads up, a new episode "A Pirate's Life for Me" will be in the next issue of Ethereal Tales.Recommended listening: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.  Classic

Flashes: Episode Six: Mademoiselle

The long-awaited next installment. I'm trying to come up with a new title for the series. It's probably going to become 'Memories of a Vampire' or something equally cheesy. But for now, enjoy. The piece is based on a painting (Marie Masquerade) by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, whom I adore, and written to the 'Laced' disc of Emilie Autumn's Laced/Unlaced album.

As Couples Often Do

Recommended Listening: Make This Go On Forever by Snow Patrol

The Siren

A siren just doing her thing and luring men into madness...as you do... Inspired by the Jessica Galbreth painting of the same name. She's such a fantastic artist. I did a whole load of poems based on her art for the poetry competition she runs. Seriously I think I did about 7 pieces for that one competition!

Calm of the Waters

Wrote this back in October, just before the convention I went to with Cat and Rob, a little inspired by our fake-cosplay plans! Recommended Listening: Chasing the Dragon (edit) by Epica

Dragon: The Women: Belicia

A little project I'm working on as a branch of the Heart of the Dragon first book. Meet Belicia, Vahro's adoptive sister...please tell me what you think of her...she's changed a lot as the story's developed, whether for the good or bad I'm not sure yet. Costructive Criticism would be greatly appreciated. Recommended Listening: Crystal by Stevie Nicks (Belicia's Theme throughout the novel)

Flashes: Episode Five: Betrayal

Our Vampiress is getting even darker. Paris, this time, which I thought was a nice setting for it. Also, beginning to unravel some of her past in this one too, see if you can spot it. Isn't Liliah fabulous!!! Wish I could've done more with her.


Little poem I wrote a while ago...came to me while watching Practical Magic...my all time favourite witchy film.

On the Forest Floor

More feminist rantings...based in the fictitious setting of my novel (Heart of the Dragon), The Lands.

A Century Before...

Daft little story, tracking down Layith before the events of Heart of the Dragon. Just a short thing I wrote in one sitting. Enjoy. Written while listening to a mix of Tourniquet by Evanescence and Cohkka by Apocalyptica.

The Mother

A powerful (in my opinion anyway) poem about how we treat our good Mother Earth...like crap. My Mum read this one and thought it was horrible. Well the truth is horrible but we all have to live with the consequences of our actions now don't we? Influenced by the speech in Last of the Mohicans when Cora and 'the lovely Daniel' as my english teacher calls him are lying under the stars and he tells her how the earth came about. Nice, you should check it out. Recommended Listening: Prologue by Loreena McKennitt


I love these characters. The girl, Tytia, is a soldier and the guy, Virgil, is a vigilante so their union is not taken lightly. I've already done another total kick-ass piece with these two. They're great characters. See this is what happens when I'm exposed to too much Final Fantasy stuff. I got a load of the anime music videos and I think this piece was very anime-influenced. I could see it playing out in my head all computer-generated with Never Let Go (see recommended listening) playing over it. Quite snazzy, I think. Okay I have a confession to make...I have now officially stolen both Devil May Cry names. I can't help it, I'm crap at coming up with guys names so I'm just...borrowing :-S them from the game. Ah to hell with it... Recommended Listening: Never Let Go by Josh Groban - great song. Very eerie

Heart of the Dragon: Teaser Trailer

Entitled: Anywhere Here we have it. A new and exclusive Vahro piece. This will NOT be appearing in the novel. This is purely exclusive to Elfwood. This is the lead up to the novel and will give you a little taste of the opening two chapters and the main storyline of the novel. Please leave lots of help and advice and thoughts but most of all enjoy. This is a thank you for all of your help on my other pieces. Recommended Listening: Anywhere by Evanescence.

Flashes: Episode One: Waiting

This is the first episode of my Vampire Chronicles. Waiting was supposed to be a totally individual short story that just came to me one night but I really loved the character and I've done some more with her. She's kind of a reluctant villain and definatly one of my personl favourites. Hope you enjoy, feel free to comment. Watch this space for more of her. Recommended Listening: Slaying the Dreamer by Nightwish - oh yes, I've discovered Nightwish >:-D


A little story about two friends waiting for the man who turned them into machines to appear so that they can shoot him in the head...nice, really. Recommended Listening: Crawling by Linkin Park

Flashes: Episode Two: The First

Mwa ha! Our vampiress returns! Okay, I know that this one is REALLY short but when I wrote this one I was testing myself - you know, trying to control my writing. Anyway, it's a quick easy read and gives you a little more background into our heroine (or should I say villain :-S even I don't know anymore!) I like her sire - he's so badass!

Conversations With Strangers

Been working on a new character lately. Her name is Taint and she's an assassin for the empress. Taint has a brand on her back where she was once attacked by a demon lover and as a result has many demon-like qualities, leaving her not entirely human. This piece was written for my mate Kyle, mainly because I lost a bet but it also gave me some incentive to actually take Taint for a test drive and give the environment a shot. The main influences for the setting are a mix of Norse and Chinese mythology but thrown into a futuristic time. We'll see how it goes. Hope you like her.

Rewriting a Hero...

Okay, so yeah, this is me, making out with the main character of my novel...I know, I'm a saddo... I started rewriting Dragon in August and I did this as a sort of little tester to see how Vahro was coming along...quite well, aparently.

Flashes Before her Eyes: Prologue

Something wicked this way comes...

The Angel in a Box

This story took me a little longer than expected. It just came to me (again) when I was feeling really sad a short while ago. There are so many things in the world which are so beautiful and wonderful but we exploit them and violate them to the extent that they are no longer special. Uh-oh...Emma's gone all serious! Recommended Listening: The Scientist by Coldplay - I haighly recommend the acoustic version.

Trinity Raine

Before I start my space-pirate stories, 'Pyrates,' I thought I'd let you all meet Trinity Raine. She's a bit messed up due to the lovely bio-tech experiments she was subjected too but she's a damn good pirate! Recommended Listening: Missing by Evanescence

Warrior's Playroom

I love this piece, really I do. These charcters kick ass and so do the weapons in this! I had sooooo much fun doing this! I've got this sequence in Dragon with Vahro and Braemir training but the get more and more aggressive and angry. But I just couldn't write it, I kept getting stuck so I decided to do a little test training piece and this came out. Unfortunately instead of being angry it became a little bit...erm...steamy... ;-D Note: it will not be like this in Dragon!!! It's two guys fighting in Dragon!!! I just got carried away here!!! Recommended Listening: Fine Again by Seether - great song check it out!

Flashes: Episode Three: Cruelty

Part Three! A little change of scene for our vamp. I've always wanted to set something in Venice and this just seemed to belong there. I felt quite evil when I had finished this one. Seriously, I didn't know I could be this evil! Really sad this piece...have your tissues at the ready! *sniff sniff* Recommended Listening: Two For Tragedy by Nightwish. Please listen to me when I suggest a song!!! Honestly they work! This song is perfect for this piece...please listen to it!

Fairytale Series: Alice in Wonderland: Fallen

Curiosity killed the cat...

Introducing a Legend

People meet Vahro...Vahro meet the people.

Meant to Live: Cast Out

#1 of 6 So, a brand new series! Looks to be promising but we'll see how it goes. This is what happens when Marvel meets GuildWars. Recommended Listening: Meant to Live by Switchfoot

Fairytale Series: The Little Mermaid: Goodbyes

Another fairytale retelling but a little darker this time. This is the REAL story of the Little Mermaid and NOT the fuzzy Disney version (although I do think the Disney version is also fabulous). I was quite pleased with this one myself even though it's a great deal shorter than my Beauty and the Beast...eh, what you gonna do? Recommended Listening: Nemo by Nightwish

Fairytale Series: Beauty and the Beast

This is a commission that I did for my good friend Asya. (Yes I do commissions) We were sitting in English during the break and I had a bit of paper in front of me and my hand was twitching because I was desperate to write something so I turned to Asya and just hit out with 'Asya, what was your favourite fairytale EVER?' She told me Beauty and the Beast so I did this for her. I printed it on nice red paper with fancy black print and signed it then gave it to her as a present. She was all chuffed with it and I felt all proud that I'd made someone happy with something I'd written. It was a really nice feeling...all warm and fuzzy...bit wierd for me really ^_^ And guess what...her wee sister wants me to do something for her now too! Eek!


Amusing little piece, inspired by the art of Anna Rigby - a fantastic Elfwood artist who specialises in dark elves. I like the names in this one, they really are quite weird and wonderful...Detaea...tee hee! Oh my God, my future kids are so gonnae get bullied, I really do fear for them! I found this one great fun to write and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Flashes: Episode Four: Rebirth

It's been a little while between the episodes but finally we have 4! I was really worried I after I promised a few people that there would be 6 in the series and then I got stuck. Complete and utter writers block. But just last week (Wednesday the 14th of September to be exact) I put pen to paper and this little tale just seemed to bleed onto the page. Completed in about an hour and a half. NOTE: This is a flashback, not a continuation of Cruelty. Recommended Listening: Dead Gardens by Nightwish

Escape From Hell

A man and woman awake in a strange lab to find that their bodies have been tampered with and downright violated. A look into how two people handle the shock. This is near the beginning of 'In My Skin' which is the new title for the Veearos and Keyta Saga...I'm very pleased with how this is progressing... A gift for the wonderful Tasia McKay who got my 100th comment! Way hey! Recommended Listening: With You by Linkin Park

Learning to Cry

More Robots...surprise surprise...written in one sitting. Inspired by Justina Robson's wonderful book, Living Next Door to the God of Love. Recommended Listening: Gifts and Curses by Yellowcard (the instrumental section in particular which is what was playing as I typed up the climax to this tale)


After much demand (and I don't just mean from my elfwood page) Veearos and Keyta are back and I can promise that there will be much more from these two.