Shelley Hobbs

I am a happily married mother of 6 ranging from 17years to 1 year old. I love art and craft and am always doing something creative.  I cant go a day with out it.I am very much into the spiritual side of life and studying wicca at the moment.  Living out of town on an acre of land and peaceful quiet surroundings.Love chatting to my friends on facebook. Met some great overseas friends through our shared love of  art and crafts I like Sewing, painting/drawing, meditation, reading/writing poetry, Angels, fairies, Favourite movies Merlin, LOTR, The Lost Boys, Buffy, Supernatural, Medium, Legend of the Seeker Favourite books Anything by Stephen King, Harry Potter series Twilight series Vampire Academy series Live Ship Traders Favourite music lots of types from classical to heavy metal... Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Tania Rose