Jovana Gaspar

I am 21 years old and live in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) and I am single.I loved art since I was a kid but it was about 5 years ago when I discovered digital art as medium and since then it has become mz main field of work.I did lots of art projects including art  commissions and book illustrations but also graphic design,logo design and web design.I currently work at a TV station where I do graphic design and motion design and montage but also maintain their website which I also made (RTV Santos).I post my art at a few sites to avoid censorship because some of my works include adult content (i post those on Y!gallery and SheezyArt).The first site I posted my art at was (i speak fluid German,English and Serbian,yes) but right now my main art accound and the one I update most often is my DeviantArt page. I like Art,photography,video & animation,anime,manga,graphics novels,online/offline games,digital art,internetz,lulz,hanging out with friends,the usual... Favourite movies I'm too lazy to write them all but I pretty much watched every good scifi/fantasy movie you can think of... Favourite books The Sandman by Neil Gaiman has to be my favorite. Transmetropolitan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty much everything by Terry Pratchett. A lot of anime/manga stuff LOTR stuff Favourite music Mostly a lot of alternative metal,rock,electro and chill music.... Muse,Tool,A Perfect Circle,Thievery Corporation,Radiohead,Bjork,Gogol Bordello,Royksopp,RATM,Enya,Chemical Brothers,Katatonia