Angelique St.Pierre

A Professional Grump residing in Florida with her O.C...Obligatory Cat (a requirement of all artsy/writer types).Fell in love with F/SF/Hor stuff and comic-books at an early age and from there to RPG's (Role Playing Games)..the Paper ones as the electronic ones weren't around yet (but yes,now I'm thoroughly addicted to those as well...huge Final Fantasy Fan!) Once I got into creating RPG charactersworlds I found I really wanted to sketch them out and that the games would help me in coming up with art ideas.Then a friend or two said, 'hey cool!Draw mine too!' and now years and 175+ commissions later,I though I might try my hand at making a career out of it.Most of the pictures you'll see will have connections to RPG's as my characters and since I usually play female characters,that's why ladies are in the majority (plus Female Studies is my speciality).Now I'm working on getting together a Portfolio and am looking to broaden my career possibilities. One way of approaching this is my newly-finished Cyber Gallery to showcase my work..Please Feel Free To Visit!!! (P.S.:I'm new to Computers & graphic software,but I'm working hard to catch-up!)