Meghan Engele

Greetings, and welcome to my little piece of somewhere.  I have been writing since I was very little, but I fell out of it thanks to unwarranted harsh criticism from someone I used to admire.  Things change, and certain things heal. My spark for ideas has returned after a rather long holiday.  Old notions are resurfacing with a vengeance, and my fingers are hardly able to keep up. Please enjoy,  ~Meghan

(02) Whispers in the Dark - Fond Rememberings

This is the second portion of my story 'Whispers in the Dark.'  You will be introduced to the main character during a tender part of her childhood.  In essence, this chapter sets the tone for the rest of the story by introducing a smaller version of larger events.  You'll also be introduced to the Man in the Shadows.

(01) Whispers in the Dark - Beginnings

In this Prologue, you will be introduced to a secretive world nestled in a large valley.  This world has been in a state of blissful ignorance for ages, but a prophesy threatens to upset the balance and disturb the peace.  At this point, you won't be introduced to the female heroine, as she has some growing up to do.