Angela Apilado

Not here very often anymore.  It's actually been about a year since I updated, but I do like having this account since this is where alot got started for me.  So I'll keep updating every now and again and I do get comments mailed to me daily (though I only check my mail about once a month now that text messages rule my world) so keep them coming. You can see more recent updates, see alot more work that doesn't fit elfwood, and contact me nearly daily at my deviantart and gaiaonline accounts.  Both under the user name thedustyphoenix.http://thedustyphoenix.deviantart.comLast updated: October 2007 I like fantasy, anime, harry potter, various types of art, getting school the fergnugget over with, money - I need it to get school the fergnugget over with. Favourite movies harry potter, sailor moon, avatar the last airbender.... Favourite books harry potter, books by Tamora Pierce, Patricia C. Wrede Favourite music Whatever catches my interest at the time

Pandora's Box

a rough poem written what seems like quite a while ago

Artists Song

Written towrd the nd of my Freshman year of High school

Halls of Avalon

A short poem that I wrote a couple of years ago.

Tale of Sir kay

Gee look an actual story! Anyway this is my version of what happens to Sir Kay after Lancelot saves him at the Inn. (There's alot of versions of King Arthur stories so I'm not exactly sure which version the whole Inn thing took place in) This was written towrds the end of my Sophmore year of high school. (I got an A)

Rupunzel Rupunzel

A Funky Fairy Tale in verse. Rupunzel has always been one of my favorite fairy tales and I was always sad that something with so much potential was so overlooked by the mass media fairy tale kingdom. Probably the longest poem I've written to date at 80 lines, but the lines are short and it's actually a pretty quick read, so don't let the length put you off.

Princess and the Pit

A bumbly 'hero' attempts to 'rescue' a princess kidnapped by the great and powerful evil-overlord Lord Lavatory.