I haven’t updated my Elfwood page in what seems like a million years. Actually, that’s only half-true. I only haven’t updated here in a little over two. Which, in internet terms, might as well be half a million years. But I digress. A lot has changed in two years.   I now live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was not here for Hurricane Katrina, but I do my best to be as active a part of the rebuilding process as possible. I’m still making art, but I don’t do traditional pen-and-paper work as much as I used to. Nowadays I make fairy wings and jewelry, much of which is sold in shops in the French Quarter. I’m also branching out into photography of the decidedly non-fantasy variety (landscapes, portraits, etc). So updates to the actual content of my gallery will be few and far between from here on out.   I still love getting feedback, constructive criticism, helpful hints and insight into my technique, such as it is (or was 5 years ago, as the case might be). As always, rude comments will be either deleted or snippily responded to, depending on my mood. I make no apologies.