Emma Wight

Hey all. I'm Emma and I've been drawing anime for quite some time (as long as I can remember, really). I'm improving as I go and I like fanarts of Inuyasha, Ranma, Princess Mononoke and others. My favorite mangas are Inuyasha, Bleach and Mermaid's Saga Other sites: http://anmras.deviantart.com http://purble.deviantart.com BEFORE YOU COMMENT ON ANY OF MY PICS: DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE OR HATE KIKYO OR KAGOME!!!!!!! You are here to comment on the picture!! Not on your personal stance or anything! You can go and find some forum to argue that but DO NOT do it here!! *deep breath* sorry bout that! I'm just so tired of hearing all these silly preferences. I just don't care, okay?? I'm going through and deleting all the comments about a person's preference of Kagome or Kikyo.