Anna-Karin Larsson

Please read the text here carefully. It's about ME and my art and will answer many questions! Hi, my name is Anna-Karin Larsson. I'm 34 years old at the time, and currently a resident of the beautiful city of Gothenburg in Sweden. I work nearly full time taking care of other people's dirty dishes at a local university. Due to a lot of work and short days I have greatly reduced my online gallery here at Elfwood. If you want to see mroe of my art, please feel free to visit my homepage. The link can be found to the right, under the picture there The images you see will remain static and no further changes will be made to this gallery. For fun items for sale, such as prints and merhcandise, please visit my homepage via the link up on your left side here. NO, I do NOT do free art - don't bother asking. I honestly do not have the time to. I don't live by my desk 24-7 and whatever time I have left over I want to devote that to my family, pets and activities beyond art. Ocassionally I will indulge in a  trade perhaps. My books for comissions are open but I set no deadlines what so ever so be prepared to wait for a LONG in that case. My online shop is now open VIA MY HOMEPAGE - clothes, trinkets and much more fun. Use the link to the right. to chek it all out! Thank you. I like art, craft, scrapbooking, cardmaking, modelhorses, Breyer models, horses, cats, guineapigs, transformers, travel, family, friends, history, food, intelligent conversation, people with lives of their own, Favourite movies Predator, Aliens, LoTR, Matrix, Monty Python movies/tv series, Love Actually, Four Weddinsganda Funeral, Tombraider 1 and 2, StarWars (Original 4-6), some StarTrek, Legend, Dragonheart, Memoris of a Geisha, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, Two Weeks Notice, While You Wrre Sleeping, Sleepless inSeattle, Jurassic Park, X-Men, Daredevil, The Phantom, Batman - almost all of them!