Anna Johansson

Ello' n' welcome! ^_^Nah, not much to say about me really...  let's see... I'm currently 21 years old, studies biology at the university and lives in Sweden.I belive that my intrests probally doesn't intrests you to know, but here we go; I like to draw, biology, computor games, RPG, animated stuff as well as comics. I do alot of warhammer too (I play O&G in WH. This won't be very suprising ones you check out what kind-o-art I enjoy making...)For my pictures, I get alot insperation from nature and most nordic-related things, especially the landscapes and folk tales, but most of all from others artworks.I've always liked the 'bad guys' since I was a little kid (why is an enigma), too much 'happy-happy-fluff-puff' makes me feel uncomfortible... Still, I draw these things sometimes, I guess it's just becuse that is what I used to draw. But one day I must got enought and change my art-style... I'm currently into one of these 'periods' tought, so there is quite many 'friendly' pictures here right now.When it comes to fantasy art, the words 'Green and mean' fits my art quite well, there will be alot of reptiles like dragons, seasnakes and lizardmen but even more creatures like trolls, orcs and goblins. I don't like drawing humans, I can but don't want to, I find it sort of... well, boring... /AJ :) Last update: 27-12-05Great thanks to all who's comment, I really, really appriciate it. You comments makes my day :)