Rebirth - Yvain - Redone

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Anna Känkänen

He didn't know where he was, or how he had gotten there. He could see a light shining from above and felt pain all around his body. His burned body, he realized as he moved and glimpsed at himself. And then he remembered, just quick flashes from somewhere before. He had tried to find his mother, but all he had found, was her body. And then there was only the revenge for her death. But instead, the robbers had gotten him, burned him. He had died! But how was he here now and what was this sweet burning in his veins, on his skin, what was the burden on his back.He sat up slowly, feeling an ache in his every muscle and joint, but still moved. He watched as his skin sizzled, it was still burning. But it no longer hurt, not like it had hurt then, this was a pain he welcomed. But how could he be alive? He felt something heavy push him back to the ground, but refused. He looked behind and his green eyes opened wide with amazement. There were big fiery wings attached to his back.And then it all came back to him. Someone had come for his burning body, someone had dragged him away. The transformation had hurt even more than burning. His wings had grown and he had died and was born again. They had given him a second chance, a second life, this time an eternal one. They had rules that were now tattooed inside his mind and that he must obey. He didn't object. The pain was lessening and the happiness of being alive won. He reached up to the light, to the sky from the deep cave he had been sent to heal. As his hand touched the light, even a brighter whitehot fire was lit on his hand.He stared at the flame and felt his wings fluttering open behind his back. And he cried of happiness and because he was so scared and so alone and so confused. The firespirit Yvain was born.This is a remake of this old piece.I've wanted to make a better picture of this moment for a long time and about a week ago I got this image into my head and could no longer forget it, it had to be painted out.Besides, I've been ignoring Yvain. It's because of his wings, they are such a big biiiig work to do. But definitely worth it when you actually get them done. I really hope you like this pic.The picture is painted in Photoshop CS2. It took about 3 nights, which is about 8 hours nonstop work. The sketch was done with pencils, scanned and painted. I used all sort of brushes and textures and tons and tons of layers until my comp had hard time running the pic.Yvain © Zardra

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