Anna Olender

{-- in the middle this one says hi this one was born a little while ago. but long enough ago to have acquired a taste for fine wine .. and fine rum. 'But why is the rum gone?!' this one likes to be silly this one likes elves and dragons and curliques. This one likes elves aprox ten feet tall and dragons about the size of a roll of film, and curliques framing a mischievous face. this one has awsome friends who supply an endless stream of humor and wackyness and tasty fantasy books like oo oo Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, and Dragonlance and Crossroads and those Vor Kosigan (sp?) ones oh and Elfquest, the Belgariad, Arrows of the Queen, Incarnations of Immortality (that one i found long ago)... And of course the classics - Tolkien is a classic! So are Irving Stone and Dumas, and are all highly recomended;)ok i've uploaded a few sketchbook pages, most of my stuff never makes it past that stage and frankly i like it better in the rough. the latest pieces are more of an emotion without words thing, most of them are very simple and uninvolved. so weave your own story and if you like, lemme know what you came up with:) thanx for visiting:D