Anna Pz

I like dragons, demons and other creatures. I wonder what the differences is betveen a devil and a demon... and what's an angeI? I just love to read. I paint and have written some shorter storys.I have get the abillty to travel in my fantasy. I live in a world of dreams when the real world is just too much. This "fantasy world" is the place when many of my pictures came from.I'm seeing myself as a demon or a halfdemon. I have put up my demon/halfdemonsoul.            ALL MY PICTURES ARE COPYRIGHTED BY ME!                   DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!  My friend Frida's gallery is here.This gallery is mostly old images by now. I still draw and some are fantasy related, some things are not. This is the reason for not uploading anything in a very long time. 2013 May 1: I somehow became featured as "Member of the day". Highlighted on the main page, what an honour. I like Cardgames mosty Magic the gathering or Yu-gi-oh. Role playing, writing and of course painting and drawing things. Favourite books It's so many good books that I wouldn't have time or space to type them all down... Read the books about Diskworld by Terry Pratchet if you get the time, very funny. Favourite music Much metal or old hard rock/rock but almost anything is good