Anna Rammon

I am a 21-year-old college student, attenting Middle Georgia College in Georgia. My major is Art at the moment, but may change, due to teacher difficulties. I've found that I'm moving more towards art as a career as I make my way through the obstacle course that is college and life. I still hold the desire to be an artist for a living, but I'm now thinking of comic-book artistry, and hand-drawn animation. My current living status is dorm life, and I find it quite pleasuable. Roleplaying has become more and more a part of my daily life, and I enjoy illustrating scenes from such. My computer coloring skills have improved drastically since purchasing a tablet last year, and it is an asset to my work. Expect to see a lot of work featuring the Arrikanez - as that tends to be my main subject these days. I'm currently working on finishing one semester in college without flunking out... Wish me luck!