I was born at midday of the 2nd of May (just in time for lunch XDD) in the far year 1983. As soon as I was brought home, in a small town between the mountains of northern Italy, the house kitty came into my cradle and made me become a Catgirl XDDDD (I'm so stupid, sorry XD) so I nicely grew up (nicely? O_o) with cats and I just love them. XD My father was a quite good painter and I inherited from him the love for drawing... at about 13 I fell in the bottomless abyss of Anime and Manga fandom and that was a no return point XDDDD (It's Ranma's and Sailormoon's fault!! XDDD Blame them!) So I mostly draw in anime/manga style with rare semi-realistic outbursts... I also love technology, which lead me to study engeneering... and I'm happy with it except for the fact that it leaves me just a very little time for drawing -_-  My greatest influence in drawing is Yoshihiro Togashi-sensei, whose Yu Yu Hakusho is a real obsession for me, and I love his HUNTERxHUNTER to bits.  I'm also obsessed with the Fate / stay night visual novel, and I don't really care that it's ecchi xD it's made of utter awesomeness plotwise.I'm making an original webcomic titled "The Dragon Messiah". The site has both Italian and English version :3 My other site, Unmei no Kizuna, is mostly dedicated to the best pairing of ever (well, IMHO ^^; of course), HieixMukuro, of Yu Yu Hakusho! I put lots of fanarts there (mostly HieixMukuro, obviously, but also HieixYuusuke, KuramaxBotan and other random stuff). ^_^ I am at too, the gallery there is always much more up-to-date than here, so I suggest you to pay a visit.I also do commissions, check my deviantArt page for infos, then contact me any way you prefer, here or directly on dA. That's all, be nice and comment! ^_^ Nyaa! I like Drawing, obviously :D Anime, Manga, cartoons&comics... I <3 Computers&technology, and I <3<3 Linux. Linux is love. I couldn't live without it (Unless someone buys me a Mac XD and still, I'm not sure of it either) Favourite movies Me likes Star Wars and Star Trek. I'm a geek :B lol Also like Angel and Buffy series. Best vampire shows ever. Favourite books I could say Lord of the Rings, but it would be so obvious XD I recently loved Neil Gaiman's books Stardust and The Graveyard Book. I have a thing for Licia Troisi's book too, they might not be masterpieces, but they're lovable. Favourite music Gackt Camui. He's the god of music. (IMHO, of course XD) I generally love Japanese music. I also