Hmmm... stuff about me *cringe* I was born in 1973 (egads, I'm an old woman compared to most of the artists here!!), am female and married to the most wonderful person in the world. I live in New Mexico, have 4 cats, a calico rabbit, and a long haired chihuahua.It can be hard to see just how much improvement you do on your artwork until you see your older images and compare them to images years later. So there are images here I'd love to delete as they're just not good enough imho anymore. But, I do have fond memories of them and they show just how much I've improved over the years. And I hope it's an inspiration to others who hate their artwork and think they're not good enough. It really really does show that it takes practice. Most real people just aren't going to be as good as they'd like the very first time they start drawing :)To reiterate for those who don't read, yes, there is some very old, very badly done drawings here. They're OLD drawings. Check their posting dates. They're left up to show progress over the years. Get over it D: