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Also an image from my writings, the same novel as Morghian, riding dragon, what the,,, and some more. This is from early in the story, Morghian is still an officer and the city's dragons are noe yet sick but dark magicians are lurking in the background, attempting to throw the city into chaos. She has some horrible nightmares and some weird and disturbing things starts happening.  Then one day her boyfriend Ayren who is working with the recruits tells her of a strange elf who wants to meet her. When she goes to meet this man named Wougar he saves both her and Ayren from an angry mob of convicts and he puts a small bracelet on Morghians wrist. It turns out to be an " Honour" band, a sort of magic. it can not be removed and he has a similar one, as long as they both live he will be able to feel where she is, if she is in danger or hurt, and how she's feeling. He tells her he is sworn to protect her to his death if needed. Morghian resents the idea at first but gets used to him and the idea of having a bodyguard.  Then suddenly an elven woman named R'enith shows up and places a similar bracelet on Morghians other arm and now she has two who are sworn to protect her. Wougar is a tha'laer elf, they are quite tall and mysterious,  a very ancient and powerful race of whom very little is known. Wougar turns out to be their top shaman and R'enith is a priestess who has done this to erase her shame since she was expelled from the temple in which she served after an illegal love affair with one of the priests. The two saves Morghian on several occasions.

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